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The Desires of Your Heart

The photo with the scripture from Psalm 37 gives me hope that despite being buried in several feet of snow, spring will eventually show up!  It always does, and I hope this little reminder of spring flowers will brighten your mood.  This photo is one I took of a container garden I planted for my patio a few seasons back.  Spring flowers always bring me such joy! 

Right about now, I will admit that the arrival of spring is one of the desires of my heart.  But, that is not what this verse is about.  It is common for us to think about ways in which God might give us the desires of our hearts, but do we yearn for the things that spring from taking delight in the Lord?

What does it mean to take delight in the Lord?  Well, for one, it means looking for what God is doing in and around us, and finding the joy in that.  For example, this past weekend was a Baptism – and what delight there is in welcoming a child into our midst through this sacrament!  If you look around during a Baptism, you will see smiles, wonder, and joy on the faces of those witnessing this blessed event. 

We are taking delight in the Lord!  And He is taking delight in us!

This is another of the many purposes of prayer in our lives.  Prayer is one of the ways that we can take delight in the Lord.  We can approach him, praise him, thank him, ask for his guidance, healing, and presence in our lives.  It is often through prayer that the Lord does in fact give us the desires of our hearts.   

Prayer helps us learn to align our desires with His.  That is what this verse in Psalm 37 is telling us.  The two things go together – it is in taking delight in the Lord that he will give us the desires of our hearts, because our desires will be the same desires that God has.

God desires that we trust him, love one another, and show mercy to others as he shows mercy to us.  He desires that we give of ourselves and our time in service to others and the Church.  And he desires that we take delight in doing these things, as he takes delight in giving us our own righteous desires.  

So, what are the desires of your heart?

Come, enter the sanctuary of prayer, take delight in the Lord and find out!   

Yours in Christ,

Lisa Temple, Council Member
& Luther Seminary L.I.M. Student

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