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Mark 6:34 – “When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd.”

A Ministry of Compassion

Compassion: It’s a rich, powerful word and reality. We read in our text for this week how Jesus had compassion on the multitude and why? Because they were like sheep with out a shepherd. The mass of people following Jesus and the apostles had no one to lead them. One on level, this is a scathing rebuke on the religious leaders of the day; they – both secular and sacred leaders – weren’t doing their jobs! On another level, this also is a “heads up” to future disciples of Jesus: Follow leaders that teach according to prophets and apostles’ teaching, are full of compassion, and will lead because they themselves are clearly led by God. Some of you might have heard the slogan: “Hurt people hurt people.” A Christian slogan then might be: “A saved and redeemed sinner will seek to save and redeem others.” Compassion and love will inevitably flow to others out of someone who’s heart, mind, and life is saturated with the compassion and love Christ (Luke 7:47).

One thing we might know about compassion: It can be exhausting. Social workers, teachers, nurses, and a number of other vocations (pastors!), are called to be full of compassion. In Mark 6:31, Jesus himself tells the apostles to “rest a while” after they had served diligently by preaching, exorcising, anointing, and healing (Mark 6:6b-13); all activities surrounding God’s means of compassion. No matter how exhausted, Jesus still finds time for compassion. A thought for this week then could be this: Who do you know needs to experience the compassion of Christ this week? Will you share Christ’s compassion by sharing the Good News of his life, death, resurrection and ascension for rebellious humanity? Will you share Christ’s compassion by confronting a loved ones’ demons? Will you share Christ’s compassion by speaking a word of healing? May the compassion of Christ enlarge your heart to bring His compassion to this fallen world.

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Chris

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