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Ministry & Miracles

During the next two weeks, we will be celebrating and learning about the Baptism of Jesus, and his first recorded miracle in which he turned water into wine at a wedding feast in Cana.  Sometimes I wish we could stay longer in these times between Christmas and Easter in the church year, just to spend more time reflecting on all that Jesus accomplished in a relatively short time.

I love to hear about all that Jesus did and said while he walked this earth.  There is so much richness in his ministry and the miracles he worked!  So much he can still teach us over 2000 years later.  So much we still have to do as his followers to share his love and the power of the Gospel with others.

Sometimes I wish we could linger over these accounts from scripture.  To ponder over what it would be like to watch the Heavens open and hear the voice of God!  To witness a miracle happen right in front of us!  To dive deeply into scripture and take as much time as we wish to reflect on all that Jesus was, and still is to us today.  To make our faith walk a priority in our busy lives. 

But alas, too often we rush through life, rush through worship, rush through the seasons of the church year and the cycles of nature.  And I think we miss something when we do that.  We miss opportunities to engage in our own ministry, and we miss the miracles that happen every day.

If you look for them, there are miracles happening all around us.  The sunrise, the sounds of birds singing, the laughter of children.  People are being healed from disease.  And yes, even though many think that Christianity is nothing but an old myth, there are people being saved every day.  Salvation still comes in the ministry and miracles of Jesus!  And God is still well pleased with His Son.  

As we walk forward into the new year, won’t you take a few extra moments to look more deeply into the ministry and miracles of Jesus?  And while you’re at it, look around you.  There are miracles happening every day.  Maybe you could be the miracle someone else is waiting for!  
Yours in Christ,

Lisa Temple, Council Vice-President
& Luther Seminary L.I.M. Student

The Next Two Weeks at Christ the King

Tuesday, January 8th & 15th
1:00 PM – JOY Book Club
7:30 PM – Dartball
Wednesday, January 9th & 16th
9:00 AM – Quilting
9:30 AM – Bible Study
5:30 PM – Christmas UN-Decorating w Pizza & Pop (On the 9th Only)
Thursday, January 10th & 17th
10:00 AM – Coffee with the Staff
5:30 PM – Finance Committee (On the 17th Only)
6:15 PM – Church Council (On the 17th Only)
Friday – Office Closed
Saturday, January 12th & 19th
5:00 PM – Worship with Holy Communion
Sunday, January 13th & 20th
9:00 AM – Faith Formation Classes
9:30 AM – Coffee Fellowship Time (Library)
10:30 AM – Worship with Holy Communion


Weekend Worship is at
5 p.m. on Saturdays
10:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings.
Communion is celebrated at every service and a staffed nursery is available during the 10:30 worship

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