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Be Still & Know

This time of year it seems there is a whole lot of scurrying going on!  The squirrels, chipmunks and birds are scurrying to collect and store up food for the winter.  Hunters are scurrying out to camp to get firewood cut, deer blinds done, and food stocked in to be ready for hunting season.  Gardeners are scurrying to get bulbs in the ground, leaves raked, and summer items put into storage.

All this scurrying comes along with the flurries of reminders that winter is coming, and with it the Holiday Season.  There is just this overall sense of HURRY!  Hurry before the snow flies and it is too late!  Hurry and decide on a whole list of things to be decided!  This is especially true for our church right now.

We have decisions that need to be made and deadlines in which to make them.  We have programs to plan and songs to rehearse.  We have a Pastoral call process that isn’t going to do itself.  We have events to plan and meetings to hold.  And the calendar is slipping into November!

Do you know what else we have?  We have a God we can turn to.  One that says, “Be still – and know that I am God.”  This verse always convicts me of scurrying, hurrying, and worrying too much.  There really is no need for any of that.

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve taken a moment to sit down and pray in the midst of my scurrying, only to have this verse brought to mind, or found in the scripture I turn to.  That it is from the Psalm for this coming week, Psalm 46, is yet another needed reminder!

Just be still.  Be still and enjoy the last of the fall leaves.  Be still and watch the squirrels while you sip on something warm.  Be still and listen to the wind in the trees or the waves on the beach.  Stop hurrying, stop worrying, and just be still.

This picture with the verse for this week is of the Lake Superior shoreline.  A body of water that is rarely still.  Yet, on the day I discovered this stretch of sand, it was a still as I’ve ever seen it.  So calming, and a beautiful reminder that God is in control.

We can trust Him, rely on Him, and rest in Him.  We can be still and know that He is God and we are not.

And that is such a great, great comfort amid the scurrying around us.

Yours in Christ,

Lisa Temple, Council Vice-President
& Luther Seminary L.I.M. Student

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